Man (in) a Tee

Alton Sterling. Boys in Blue. Discipleship.

In the wake of the horrific incident with Alton Sterling, we get more tragedy: 5 police officers are sniped and 7 more are wounded. Taking a step back is the … Continue reading

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Comfortable Pajamas

The scary thing about the gospel is that transition period between the old and new self.

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Let there be Spring!

I’m tired of hiding. For the past year I have been on a journey with a few of my peers. We’re trying to discover how God intersects with our every-day … Continue reading

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11 Steps to Becoming Mr. or Mrs. Right

This is Part 2 in a series dealing with Love, Sex, Dating, and Marriage. You can find Part 1, The Right Person, here. I know a few casual daters out … Continue reading

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The Right Person

Have you ever wondered why 50% of marriages end in divorce? (It’s more like 30-35% but who likes accurate statistics anyway, am I right?) Let’s take it back to the … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Get You Through a Bad Day

Originally posted on Love God, Love People, Change the World:
by Jeff Cao¬† I had a bad day recently. It threw me off my groove so much that I got…

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Real Beauty

You are more beautiful than you think. Let me prove it to you. (I love proofs) Are you happy? Do you exude joy? Perhaps both? I recently heard a message … Continue reading

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