Man (in) a Tee


Hi, Jeff here. In my 20’s living on the west coast of the U.S just trying to experience life to the fullest while attempting to help others along the way. Follow me as I offer up some advice on getting through your 20’s alive, pass around some hope while doing so, and throw in a few “life hacks” here and there which will, I’m sure, be entertaining to us all. Everything from finances, to family, to spirituality; you suggest it, I’ll blog about it.

7 Random Facts:

  1. Cacao content percentage of choice would be 87%.
  2. My go-to gift under $30 would be a $25 gift card for Starbucks.
  3. Best time of the day for a cup of tea would be 7:42 pm.
  4. People who stare at me for any more than 6 seconds at a time make me nervous.
  5. Stretching immediately after waking up would be the healthiest ritual I go through everyday.
  6. I love swimming. Period.
  7. I’d prefer a good drama movie over a good action movie.


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