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Cuddle Season: I Need You Now

It’s getting colder. Hot chocolate will fill mugs instead of coffee soon. Fall fashion is getting into full swing, scarves are laying on necks. ‘Tis the season to give thanks, to get together with family and old friends, to give gifts to those who occupy our minds and lives. It’s also the start of cuddle season.

But wait! What if you’re single!? Crap. Another winter of looking at “happy” couples walking arm in arm down the street with their cheeks nearly touching just to “keep warm”.

Taken from

Taken from

Look familiar?

For all you singles out there, you may relate pretty darn well with the opening lyrics to the song Busted Heart by for King and Country:

Winter has come back again
Feels like the season won’t end
My faith is tired tonight,
And I won’t try to pretend,
I’ve got it all figured out,
That I don’t have any doubts,
I’ve got a busted heart
I need You now
Yeah I need You now

I feel for those of you who can relate to these opening lyrics. I struggle with singleness quite often. Most of the time it’s a fleeting thought, doesn’t bother me much. But other times it feels like I’ve got a busted heart. How do you cope? Let’s look at the next part of the song, maybe there’s some redemption coming.

I am the wandering son
Enough is never enough
I keep chasing the wind
Instead of chasing Your love
I’m screaming out Your name,
Don’t let me fall on my face
I’ve got a busted heart
I’m in need of a change
Yeah, I’m desperate for grace

Did you catch the redemption in there? Did you look hard enough? Well, I don’t see it. The first four lines remind me of an awesome teaching of Jesus Christ. It’s recounted by Luke, the physician, in Luke 15. The story goes something like this:

A man has two sons and the younger of the sons told his father that he wanted his share of the inheritance before his father died. So the father gives the younger son his inheritance and, wouldn’t you know it, he blows it all on”wild living”. (I’ll let your imagination fill in what wild living is for you.) During the time the sons’ inheritance was running out, a famine sweeps over the land and the son ends up taking a job as pig feeder and he still can’t get enough to eat!

Sometimes I feel as if I’m living a bit too wildly. Not focusing on what I should be focusing on, chasing after temporary things, wandering around this maze we call life, getting lost and not even caring. Maybe I’m focusing too much on my singleness instead of taking advantage of my [somewhat] more flexible schedule. Time to stop wandering. To my single friends out there, are you still wandering?

Hold on to me
Hold on to me
Don’t let me lose my way
Hold on to me

Broke Your heart a thousand times
But You’ve never left my side
You have always been here
For me

You never let me go
You never let me go
Don’t ever let me go

The story found in Luke 15 continues on. Luke writes that the younger son realizes that back home even his fathers’ hired servants have enough food to spare. So he treks on home and plans to ask his father to hire him as a servant, for he felt that he was no longer worthy to be called his son. Much to the son’s surprise, his father runs up to him gives him the finest clothes, kisses him and begins preparations for a feast.

WHAT?! A feast? Yep. A feast. Luke 15:32 reads: We had to celebrate this happy day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost, but now he is found!

It’s not too late! It’s not too late to get our acts together. To focus on what is really important, not self-gratification or being in a relationship or racking up the big bucks, but to focus on our spiritual Father; the one who holds on to us, the one whose heart we’ve broken countless times yet still never leaves our side, the one who never lets us go from His heart!

The song finishes with:

Winter will come to an end
Soon the season will end
I surrender tonight
You meet me right where I am

Funny thing about seasons, they always change. Granted, some places have less seasons than others (I’m looking at you Southern California), but seasons still change, they end.

Take heart my friends, seasons change before you realize it. I leave you with the music video of Busted Heart by for King and Country. Enjoy.

Oh and don’t forget to drop me some comments. I’d love to hear what you think and where you are in life. Constructive criticism is much appreciated.

…You’ve just heard a Cao go moo…


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