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Losing Out on Millions

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“It’s fine as long as we have money left over every month.”

This is what my mom said as we worked on our respective monthly budgets. This statement really got me to thinking, a dangerous past-time I know; are things really fine as long as you have something to put away every month?

Most Americans are not used to budgeting and find it a tedious and fruitless endeavor, but I’d like to think of it as a useful tool in getting my money to make me more money. Wait for it…now that the collective gasps of Christians everywhere has died down a bit, let me make it clear: it isn’t a sin to build wealth. Let’s face it, to do the work of the Lord it takes some large financial resources…and who has deep pockets and is willing to give to building His Kingdom? That’s right. Devoted and committed Christians. But I digress, apologies.

As we continued to fill in blanks as to where we believed our funds were going to be spent in the month of September, I can see my parents disagreeing on how much was being spent in which category…loudly. At the end of the 3 hour ordeal though, I can see that they reached an understanding that they needed to do some re-evaluation of their finances. It wasn’t fine that they had some money left on their paychecks to stash away anymore. The usual culprits were present: too much was spent on food/take out/restaurants, impulse spending, etc. My parents realized that they were being wasteful, in other words, bad stewards of their financial resources. This coming from non-Christians! They immediately decided to cut back on unnecessary food stuffs and “pocket change”, which left them both smiling a little bit wider.

Are you and your household “fine as long as we have money left over every month”? Do you know how your money is working for you, or how it is working against you? Who knows, you could be losing out on millions!


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